Storm Damage

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Has your home or business been damaged by a recent storm? The storm damage restoration professionals at Property Star Restoration can help. For more than 10 years, we have been serving property owners throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Our goal is to help you recover from the unexpected. Storms, even with weather warning systems, can certainly cause unexpected damage. Our storm damage repair services can restore your property to its original condition and can even provide for better protection against future storms. Call 678-493-3504 now for a free estimate of storm damage repair from one of our licensed contractors.

Types of Storm Damage Affecting Properties

We experience a wide range of weather. This includes thunderstorms, rain, hail, snow, and high winds. Tornadoes are a serious problem, and the area is designated as a very high-risk zone for these forces of nature. There have been 115 tornadoes in the area since 1950, and although our area is considered a low-risk hurricane zone, it has been affected by 23 hurricanes since 1930. In light of this, it is easy to see why storm damage may occur.

Storms can cause various types of damage to a home or business:

  • Flooding caused by heavy rains
  • Roof damage caused by wind and hail
  • Damage to windows and siding
  • Shingle lifting and removal by strong winds
  • Damage to exterior appliances
  • Fallen trees and limbs
  • Damaged electrical wiring and connections
  • Fire and smoke damage from lighting

Our storm damage repair team can provide fast service and quality repairs if your property has been affected by a storm or any type of heavy weather. We have the right tools and the right people to get the job done right. We are here to restore your property and alleviate your troubles.

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